What Is The Difference Between Windows and Mac Laptops

If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to purchasing a laptop then this will help shine some light on the subject. Here are a couple of the features that differentiate the two.

Mac Laptops

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These are notebook laptops manufactured by Apple Inc. and run the Mac operating system. So here are a couple facts about them:

The operating system is creatively oriented. It is the ideal system for any designer and artist with its wide array of tools and user friendliness. Whether you are starting a blog, a photographer, web comic artist or any other profession in the creative arts, this laptop is ideal for you.

Longer battery life compared to other laptops. When it comes to batteries there are a lot of unclear tales like not using the laptop while charging or not letting it charge all the time, but with a Mac laptop you do not have to worry at all, your battery will outlive most if not all the other brands.

The models are uniquely identified by the year they are released. Each newer version is linked to the year it is released whether it’s 2012 or 2015.

The older laptops may have some difficulties running the newer software because they are out dated. This will force the user to more often upgrade laptops to enjoy new features.

The newer models have less communication ports compared to the older ones.

The windows software will not run on the Mac OS but if you opt to install the windows OS on a Mac device the software will run smoothly.

Windows Laptops

These are laptops that run the popular Microsoft Windows software, one of the biggest and most common names in the market.

There is a wide range of software made for this OS. This means that you get to enjoy several applications on your laptop once they are released. You’ll be ahead of the game.

The older laptops can run the new software. This allows you to upgrade only when you feel it is necessary because your device will still function just as well as the newer ones.

Windows release new operating systems every so often, believe it or not, your older computer can still run them whether it is Windows 7/8/10. No one gets left behind.

There are several communication ports on the devices. This includes USB ports, firewire, HDMI ports and many more. It just gets better.

There are several Windows laptop models in the market today, each having different hardware specifications to suit every user. All you need to do is pick one that matches your needs.

The downside is that they are prone to a lot of virus software attacks so an antivirus software is very crucial once you purchase the laptop.

The battery life is shorter than the Mac laptop. It still runs for an adequate time but Apple Inc. dominated this area.

Those are the differences between the two brands. Each comes with its own specifications so fill free to compare and make your pick.

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