What's the difference between Acer Chromebook and other laptops

Main differences:

 A Chromebook can be used in a few seconds from when it is nudged from the sleep mode.

The Chromebook will not work with USB printers; however we can upload files to the cloud drive from where the files can be printed out with the use of a different computer.

It is not compatible with the Microsoft windows software.

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There are limitations to the number of applications that can be run with the Chromebook. For people like me who are used to windows, many commonly used free applications are not free for the Chromebook. 

The Chromebook has limited storage space. I am still struggling to become conversant with the Google drive, which has been a savior because my files are safe there as long as Google keeps the Google Drive service running. 

Pictures and movies and other media have an outstanding resolution on the Chromebook which I am biased to say are due to the Linux core that supports the Chromebook and Apple computers. 

The Chromebook is not prone to virus attacks. This can happen but it is very rare. 

An amazing 14 hours can be squeezed out of the Chromebook’s battery, this is certain if no extra devices are running on the computer's battery.

I find it inconveniencing that the trackpad has just a single button. 

The keyboard format is designed in the standard QWERTY, though there are some changes made like the removal of the Function and Del keys. A delete function is done by using the Alt + Backspace keys. 

I think it is quite slow sometimes which might be due to my configuration- Intel Celeron, 2GB RAM. This usually happens when I have many tabs open. I witnessed a similar experience with my Acer Extensa which also ran on a Celeron processor. 

I like the keyboard, the keys are compact and easy to reach making the keyboard quite convenient to use. 

Many apps that can be used offline offer limited features which can be a bit annoying. I have noticed this with the spell checker which do not work in the offline mode.

I still find it awkward to use the touchpad; I am perfectly comfortable with the wireless mouse. 

I discovered the Chromebook is not compatible with wireless dongles or other hardware modems, but selected mobile internet adapters can be used. A LAN to USB adapter can also be used.


I can do a lot with the word processor on the Chromebook but I find it a little strange that I am first required to type out the text then download it in a doc format if I need to use the file as a word document. 

I still struggle with image editing; I stick with working offline even though there are few options for Apps that are good enough. What I do is take my pictures using a live histogram to get the right exposure then I add captions or shapes with Google Drawings. Sadly, using Google Drawings reduces the resolution of the pictures considerably but it is still my best option yet. 

Files stored on an external USB storage can be viewed on the Chromebook when it is connected.

External devices like memory cards can be connected by using an adapter and the stored files can be accessed. 

  What I like most about the Chromebook

 Once you get used to it, you will work smarter and faster with an obviously increased productivity. The design for the keyboard and the interface has been created to make working with the computer easy. The font size can be adjusted from the settings if you think it is too small. I had to increase the font size on my computer because it felt it was too small. 

I really appreciate the good battery life; this is a plus for the Chromebook that will appeal to people sensitive to EMF. 

It is quite weighty but takes up just a little space on your desk. 

Its wireless internet connectivity reaches really amazing speeds, however, this can be compromised when there is a poor wireless internet reception. 

I really think pictures and movies have a much better resolution on the Chromebook, this is my personal opinion though. I think this is a general trend with computers that run on Linux-based operating systems. 

Your documents will be preserved by the autosave function which saves the document edited with the Google software in the cloud drive. These files are transferred to the main Google drive when an internet connection is established. 

In summary, I am happy with the Chromebook, there has been some compromise but it’s nothing we can’t do without. 

 What features can be enhanced?

 The interface design for the Google drive can be enhanced. 

I have noticed that my last session does not automatically load up when requested. I have to manually do this by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T even though I have set my browser to save the last session. I think this should be looked into.

I also noticed some abnormalities on the chrome browser for example, if I restore my last session after opening the Chrome browser, the session loads in a fresh window instead of the currently open window. This needs to be checked as well. 

The designers should consider including an SD card slot in newer models, it is very important.

I find it hard to manage only two USB ports. I will be happier if they were three USB ports. 

Only one jack serves the headphones and microphone. A computer like this should have had two jacks for these devices.

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