What is the Difference between Backup and Sync Software

Sync Software

•    Sync software  is usually used for  syncing of  one folder in your computer or device

•    The Sync Software works both ways. For instance, when we are using a desktop computer and laptop computer, the contents of the synced folder reflects in all the computers and the devices and as such you will have most recent updated file on all the computers.

•    The Sync software uses a cloud storage technology and saves all your files on it by storing an up-to-date and most recent copy of the folder

•    As the Sync software is designed to use the cloud storage for keeping track of the most recent files you can connect any number of computers to access your synced content from anywhere.

•    In practice using a Sync software may give a little problem to you as you have to move all the content that are to be available in synced form to  one folder

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Backup Software

•    When you are using a backup software you have the freedom to  select the folders that are to be backed up or even we can do the back up of the contents of  an entire disk

•    When doing backups of large volume of data, they are little difficult to access them directly after the backup process as the backup software uses a compression method to compress and store the data in the backed up folder or drive. If you want to access the contents of the backed up data you need to use a Wizard designed for this purpose and you can’t access them using an ordinary file explorer

•    For doing the backup you have many options as the data can be easily backed up to your cloud storage or they may be stored in an external hard drive or placed on a network storage

Free Sync Software That I Use

In the present days we have many types of Free Sync software and among them Google Drive happens to be my favorite.

This is very user friendly and it is very convenient to use and offers many advanced features. This creates a synced folder in your user account folder on the drive that can be moved to any location, even to an USB flash drive in an easy manner.

When you are using the free version of Google Drive you get 15 GB of storage in the Google Cloud Storage system and this will be enough for an ordinary business or office user. The best part of the Google Drive is that it can work with any device that can install and run Google Drive.

If you are using a laptop or a device that has limited storage capacity like an Asus 14 inch E403SA, the Sync folder can be stored on to a USB Flash drive as you may not be able to keep all the data in the internal memory of the device itself.

The next best option for a good and trust worthy Sync Software is the One Drive from Microsoft.

You have to be aware that recently Microsoft has reduced the cloud space for the free users from 15 GB to 5 GB and still this space will be enough for personal use. This is almost similar in features and options like the Google Drive and you can easily share and sync all your photos, office documents and any other file that must be held in most recent form always.

If you want to store more content on your One Drive cloud space you can choose the $1.99 per month plan and get 50 GB of storage space. Apart from this another good plan for you would be the $70 per year plan when you subscribe this you get Office 365 Personal and One Drive Premium with a whopping 1000GB cloud storage, but you can use this plan for only one PC or a Mac computer.

Today we have many other programs that offer all the above facilities but most of them do not offer cloud storage and this puts them at a great disadvantage.

Free Backup Software

There are many free Backup software available for you and you can select the one that offers all the features, safety and performance you want. Some of the best among these are

Ease US To-do Backup Free.  This is free backup software and this helps you to back up your data to almost any device or drive except cloud storage. If you want to back up your data to cloud storage you have to purchase their license for one year payment of $31.

Crash Plan- This is yet another good one among the backup software and it offers free backup option with limited features and if you want unlimited backup space then you have to pay $ 10 per device per month.  This is mostly good for business customers.

If you are a Mac User you can use Apple’s Time Machine that is part of Mac OS.  This program is very nice to use and you can have backups of your important data in an easy and comfortable manner. All you have to do to backup of your data is to start the program; select the drive to place the backed up data and it will place the data in it.

Yet another good software application from Google is the Google Backup and Sync. This can be used for backup and syncing of your data and you can do this by just specifying the folders that are to be backed up. The only disadvantage with this is the limited cloud space available.

If you are an advanced computer user you can go for the Cobian Backup and due to its complicated usage methods it is not suitable for common novice computer users.

Apart from the above you can also consider the Paragon Backup and Recovery as it is yet another good backup software.

SanDisk Backup is also a good choice for backup software that can be used for easy backups with password enabled file protection feature.


In the present days of every computer user using a variety of computers and devices at different locations in our daily life we need to have the facility to Sync files to have the latest edited copy of all the files at all our locations and the present Sync Software does this work well and when this is combined with the facilities available through a cloud storage you will be able to get all the facilities of using different computers at different locations in a seamless manner.

Saving your vital data is very important and due to very high volume of data we are generating every day it is necessary to backup your data and store them at a safe and secure location and for this the above mentioned backup software will be of much useful to you.

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