Dell Laptop Inspiron 1525 DVD Replacement

A DVD drive replacement on the Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop is an easy task. The entire task only requires unscrewing three screws, and then screwing them back when assembling the laptop back together.

The first screw that needs to be unscrewed is located right underneath the laptop.

The above photo shows the only screw that holds the entire DVD drive in the bay.

To slide the DVD drive from the bay, you can use your fingernail. The DVD drive might have been stuck and needs more force. But, it should easily release since it is just one screw that you have to remove. I have seen several DVD drives that were stuck to the plastic in the bay due to the high temperature of the laptop. So, there might be some surprises that come up.

We will then need a thin piece of metal in the form of a wire or paperclip. Actually, the piece of metal could be anything that is thin enough to go into the hole as well as sturdy enough to push open the door mechanism. When you do this, you will see that some force is needed in order to move this mechanism.

There will be two clips that we need to undo in order to separate the door plastic from the DVD drive itself.

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