DC Jack Repair on Packard Bell
EasyNote Power Board

This guide will be specific for Easynote, but can also be used when repairing or replacing any other DC jack on the motherboard. All DC jack connections to the motherboard have the same principles. 

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Usually, the motherboard on the DC jack becomes broken and the metal wires or the plastic cracks. In this case, the PCB itself can become damaged by the heat. The heat is generated by the soldering point on the DC jack central wire and the track on the motherboard.

Burned DC jack PCB
Burned DC jack center wire
Repairing burned PCB

To de-solder this DC jack, it is enough to just use a few tools including a soldering station, a knife, a flux, and some wooden sticks. Heat the point that is soldered to the motherboard and then lift the jack with the knife slightly. Do the same for the other side. Little by little, the DC jack will be taken out this way.

Taking DC jack out

Now, you need to clean the three holes from the solder.

Cleaning PCB from solder
Fixing burnt PCB

Now, this is the important part. The PCB is made up of four layers. And, the fault is still there that the two layers are touching each other. The high temperature burned part of the insulation layer between the copper layers and now there is a short circuit. If we solder right now, the jack back inside will be short circuited and the power adaptor will not work. A simple solution for this is by making the hole bigger by using a knife or any sharp enough peace of metal.

Fixing burnt PCB

Solder a wire to the central DC jack pin. Usually, the DC jack is still okay and can be reused. If the pin shows signs of extreme overheating or is broken, then purchase a replacement pin.

Attaching a wire to the DC jack

Use isolation to isolate the part that has been soldered to the central pin. Stick the wire through the hole.

Fitting DC jack

Solder the wire to the track. Then, solder the three DC jack pins.

Repairing laptop power board with a wire

Fill the gaps with PCB filler. Any glue would probably work such as Super Glue. Fill the gap with the glue to make it sturdier. The best possible glue here would be epoxy based glue.

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