Troubleshooting Computer Start-Up Problems

When the computer is not powering up at all. When this occurs, it is usually a really bad sign. But sometimes, simple things could be done to remedy this situation such as fixing a blown fuse or a damaged power cord, for example. It is important to start with a visual examination and then go from there. In case the computer does not get any power, then no lights should show up at all. Especially, if the problem occurs on a desktop computer.

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At home, nothing much can be done about this problem. Usually, the motherboard has a serious problem such as a blown MOSFET. To remedy this situation, remove the hard drive and then take it to a repair shop. You can see how to remove the hard drive here. It is actually not very difficult.

Start slow. If you are working on a Windows operating system, then put it in Safe Mode to boot in a minimal system. This mode allows the computer to boot faster. There is a chance that this problem is caused by a faulty hard drive. You can learn how to test the hard drive here.
There are some faults in which the system can randomly fail to boot  This can be caused by faulty capacitors on the motherboard as well as in the power supply.

When your computer crashes frequently and slow when running only a few applications.  This is the sign of memory (RAM) shortage. On the laptops of today, the amount of memory is very easy to upgrade or replace. On desktop systems, upgrading the memory is also a very easy job and not at all difficult to do, even on older systems.

There are some older laptops out there that were manufactured more than 5 years ago that are difficult to work on because the memory can be hidden beneath the keyboard or inside the laptop beneath a metal plate.
It is important to have a complete system diagnostic done if the fault still cannot be found. In a few articles, there will be instructions on how to do a full diagnostic.  Almost all computer systems are similar to work on, except for Macs, which are a bit different, but even the Mac computers of today are very similar to the others. 

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