Computer screen problems explained

Computer screen problems and ways to troubleshoot them.
Here, I will describe common computer screen problems and the first example will be on laptops.
The plastic MacBooks have very complicated wiring. The cable that connects the motherboard to the inverter goes around one of the hinges. The problem I have seen is that the cable brakes from frequently opening and closing the lid. The cable that needs attention is the short black cable with four wires. 

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Visually, it will look okay, but if it is moved, the wires lose connectivity. This is pertaining to laptops but desktop computers are whole new story because they are autonomic and have elements such as power supply, analogue to digital signal converters, etc, repairing them today is almost not economical. The only troubleshooting that can be done at home is checking the VGA cable or HDMI cable, checking the power adaptor if the monitor is using an external drive and making sure the computer is working properly producing the correct VGA signal. Everything else has disassembly involved which at home is difficult to do. As said before, simple troubleshooting steps would help here.

Laptop screens are bit different to repair.

Though they share the same design and operation principles, the hardware is also the same to display images, but they are like stripped down monitors. They use signals that come directly from the motherboard and are connected usually just with one cable to it which it is always hidden. There are a few common faults on laptops screens. One is the inverter, the inverter cable, and the VGA cable which is hidden. The other is the LCD screen itself, be it the LED or LCD, which develops faults within the backlight or in image processing electronics.

There is a screen tester available to buy from one company. It can test the backlight, the LCD itself, and the backlight voltage that comes from the motherboard. It is somewhat expensive but is definitely worth trying if running it with a computer repair company.

Broken screens are not repairable. They must be replaced.


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