80. Computer Repair Tools

I would divide computer repair tools into two groups. First group would be software type repair and diagnostic tools like UBCD4WIN, Hiren’s Boot CD, MemTest, HDTune, GSmartControl etc. They also can diagnose and hardware and software problems. Depending what is needed those tools can run on bootable CD or in Windows OS. UBCD4Win has inside Memtest and HDTune also more programs can be installed as plug-ins.

Also I need to mention Mac operating system as it has a very handy feature like hard drive zeroing. This hard drive data destruction tool not only destroys the data but also makes the hard drive to initiate realocation of bad sectors on the disk. If he hard drive has a spare sector then it will realocate them and the disk surface again will be without defective areas. If it does not have any spare sectors it simply will leave it as is.

The second type of tools would be everything that is related to electronics. Multimeters, oscilloscopes, various testers etc. Better is to have a multimeter that can measure capacity and induction. We need to measure capacity when replacing capacitors on desktop motherboards. I have a lot of used capacitors but do not know their real capacity.

The oscilloscope I personally use for power related issues and also to diagnose the faulty capacitors. On some laptops the ceramic capacitors are too close to the CPU and overheat every time.

Also what is used by computer repair companies is hot glue guns. With mini hot glue gun can be glued almost any part of the laptop except probably parts that get hot and parts that take higher forces for example it would be not useful to glue laptop hinges. But in some cases it can help just it depends form the way you use it.

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