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Diagnostic software like QA+32Win, MemTest, HDTune, Hiren’s boot CD, Prime95, GSmartControl, and OCCT.
There is no universal software that can diagnose computer problems. Usually, this software is made by people in the repair business in order to help them diagnose and find faults. They use tools to help them find the problems but their software will never be as effective at solving problems as the human mind.

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Sometimes, laptop and desktop manufacturers embed software in the motherboards diagnostic to test the hard drive or the memory.

From my experience, if a server does not have much software installed, the fault is most likely hardware related. Any software that claims to repair Windows errors as well as repair and fix the computer quickly most likely can’t do anything to solve the errors and might harm the computer even further.

The software that is embedded by the manufacturers will not repair the hardware whatsoever.
Dell laptops can boot to the diagnostics. HP laptops also have a diagnostic tool to check hard drives.
Apple has its own diagnostic tools, ASD (Apple Service Diagnostic) and AHT (Apple Hardware Test). AHT usually comes with the OS restore CDs or DVDs with the laptop or desktop computer.

ASD is only available to Apple service providers and is not accessible to the public. Both tools have the capability to test the RAM, motherboard, and CPU which is almost everything that is necessary. But, there are a few moments where I personally wouldn’t use these tools. The first problems is that ASD and AHT do not show hard disk SMART data. Second, from my experience, the system that has an overheating problem or BGA problem will be not reported as faulty.
So, in order to find out the problem related to overheating or another motherboard fault, I would use OCCT or another system stress test tool and then check and observe the system behaviour.

In my practice, almost all the diagnostic software is some sort of stress test tool that helps me to find the fault as it reveals itself during a heavy load of the system.
The difference between ASD and AHT is hard to say. ASD usually checks more sensors and values but it can’t see a BGA fault.


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