Some of the best Computer Repair Software

We depend more on our computers for doing many of our day to day tasks and due to this keeping our computer systems in good health is necessary for their trouble-free operation. We have many types of computer repair software and you can select the ones you like and run them on your system and carry out various types of diagnostics to know the present health condition of your computer system. This will help you take preventive maintenance of the system avoiding costly replacements and loss of data.

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The data you generate on your computer is very vital for you and by selecting the right computer repair software you will be able to back up your important data before any crash or hard drive malfunction occurs thereby preventing many types of problems in your daily life. Here let us see some of the best computer software that will help you find out the state of health of your computer and be aware of its condition and know when to take action to prevent costly breakdowns and downtime.

Advanced SystemCare Free- this is one of the best diagnostic software available as a free program with an option for a paid advanced version. This is one of the most popular system cleaner and optimizer and in the present version 8 it comes with the Uninstaller 4, Browser Protecting Start up Manager Module. Along with this comes the Boot-Boosting function that is going to make your computer start up and be ready for action in a swift manner. This has many good features like

  • Tool box
  • Turbo boost
  • Performance Monitor
  • System care module is fully upgraded and adds value to the product.
  • Offers great system security with Home page protection, surfing protection, malware and junk ware file cleaners
  • Runs  one- click scans giving  fast scans, performs deep cleaning, works on single click gives wonderful internet and security boosting
  • Toolbar/Plug- in cleaner function is able to clean browser barnacles and protects your system against these
  • PC Health and Performance Monitor- lets you know  the level of performance for your computer and you can get very detailed reports about the health and security of your computer system

CPU-Z – this is yet another good way to diagnose the health of your computer system and help you get all the important data about various factors that govern the performance of your computer in a concise manner. When you have this on your system you can see in real time what is happening inside your computer and get the reports in txt or html formats.

This is very easy to operate with its tabbed interface and is able to give BIOS and driver updates for you. It is free to use and is very quick in action and compiles the necessary data and updates them automatically and hence this is one of the cute computer repair software you need to find out the condition of your computer system in an easy way.

Wise Registry Cleaner- This is yet another of the best computer repair software that will help you maintain your computer’s health. The present version 8.52 is very advanced in action and occupies very little space of 3.81MB. This program helps you maintain your computer’s Registry health by removing all the invalid entries and junk entries that makes your computer run slowly.

This is very safe to use and costs you nothing. It has many vital functions like Registry Cleaner, System Tune Up, Registry Defragmenter and System Scheduler in an easy to use Graphic User Interface

CrystalDiskInfo- If you want to know the health of your disk drives then this is the program you must have. The present version of 6.3.2 comes with many advanced features. It costs you nothing to own as it is completely free and takes 2.88 Mb of drive space only.
 It gives complete details of SMART information and gives the current temperature and health status. The dashboard gives up-to-date system data and you will be able to know when things are not going well with your computer in an easy way.

SiSoftware Sandra- is one of the leading computer diagnostic software that has taken a top ranking among similar computer repair software. The latest version 2014 comes with a load of features and functionalities and this software application is available as a free to try and paid for use and is priced at $49.9. It requires a drive space of 64.4 Mb and presents itself as a robust package of diagnostic and testing computer software repair software and is capable of solving many of the day to day problems faced by your computer.

It is easy to use with a colorful GUI with attractive icons and helps you use it easily with its carefully and thoughtfully arranged tools array. It has separate modules for computer maintenance, Benchmarks, hardware profiles, Software applications and their health, Support for your computer operations and program maintenance etc. This helps in building your benchmarking and reporting that are required for your optimized computer function always.

Apart from these we have hundreds of computer repair software applications out there which can be used to keep your computer in top form. By using general as well as specialized software based tools it is now possible to extract the best performance out of your computer system and thus you can increase your productivity many times and bring value to your personal as well as business life.

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