Computer Repair Equipment

Soldering equipment: Used in soldering DC Jacks, MOSFETs and other  components onto the motherboard. Also, comes in handy when soldering two wires together.
I personally prefer using the Metcal MX-500.

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Although this is an older model, the soldering quality is brilliant, especially when soldering DC Jacks. It heats up in only 7 seconds and goes on standby when the handle is in the stand. This station also shuts down if no soldering is being done within a longer time period.

De-soldering equipment: This is needed when de-soldering  DC Jacks and some large components that have more than two pins such as, big cylindrical capacitors.
I personally like to use the Hakko 808 de-soldering gun. It has a heating element and pump on the handle, but it is not heavy. This is probably the best tool for de-soldering, and can handle almost situation.

Diagnostic equipment: A multimeter is one of the most important devices in computer repair. Testing with a multimeter supersedes laptop power adaptors, laptop DC Jacks, a desktop PSU, as well as desktop and laptop motherboards.

Oscilloscopes are mainly used when diagnosing diagnose power issues on a desktop PSU and laptop step-down converters.

OS boot media: Used to boot non-working laptops and desktops in data recovery and diagnostics. One of the best available types is the UBCD4WIN. I personally like to use it, but I have modified it to include more plugins. This type can also be booted from a USB dongle.

Hard drive recovery software and external hard drive adapters: File Scavenger, R-Studio, and Stellar Phoenix are the tools that we like to use. File Scavenger runs from a USB flash drive. There are also professional hard disk recovery software types such as the PC-3000, Deep Spar, and the disk Imager.

There is also equipment available for hard drive recovery in a clean room environment. Unfortunately, this type of equipment is very expensive. For certain types of data recovery from a hard drive or office room, the cost is not that bad. Especially when dot dealing with very complicated issues.

BGA reflow and re-balling stations such as Jovy. Jovy does a great job, and the price is reasonable. There is a company called Technisat that sells a modified version of Jovy making the process easier and with a higher quality. Technisat also sells all the accessories needed for re-balling and reflowing.

Re-balling takes a while to complete, and re-flow does not always fix the fault.

System stress test software: I use the MemTest as a system stress test. At the moment, I also like using the OCCT software. There is also the QA+Win32 for a complete test, but I personally do not find it as useful as OCCT. Even though OCCT is free and QA+Win32 costs money.


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We Sell Windows 10 Home and Pro 32/64 bit Factory Reset, Reinstall, and Restore USB Flash Drives For Laptops And Desktop Computers.

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