Computer Repair Compared Internationally

Computers are occupying an important place in our lives and they are everywhere and doing everything that we do.  In the present days, there is a computer explosion with millions of people using them to carry on their personal as well business works.  As the number of computers is increasing in volume there is a growing need for computer services at most reasonable computer repair costs? As more and more computers are being added to the households and offices at every corner of the globe the need for getting them serviced is there equally at all places of the World.

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As the computers of the present days are made capable of doing everything both in our homes as well as in offices the downtime of the computer systems will definitely cause loss to us in many ways. A study in the USA has shown that the average downtime costs for businesses come to about 3.6 percent of their annual revenue. Hence the computers cannot be left to lie idle and have to be brought back to use within the shortest time possible.

The entire computer services industry can be divided into four broad sectors namely

  • Computer Maintenance And Repair
  • Computer Network Support Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Internet Service Providers

One of the most important and most used ranges of services in the computer field is the computer maintenance and repair services and these are utilized by all those who are using the computers at one time or other. In all the countries of the world this type of industry is well organized and they are generating income by offering their computer repair service to all types of clients both home users as well as for businesses. Most of these companies are smaller in size employing up to 6 to 8 employees and most of the times these are single man entities with the owner himself undertaking their entire services.

In the advanced western countries it is  found that the charges for the computer servicing is almost determined by the local conditions as such there cannot be any universally applicable Computer repair costs for their services.  But, in the Middle East and other similar countries the computer repair services are offered in a more institutionalized manner and hence the computer repair costs are considerable when compared to those in the emerging economy countries and that in the poor countries.

In case of countries in the Asian Pacific region the computer repair as a service is available to the users based on a contract and it usually covers a minimum period of one year but may extend to a term of two to four years.  The amount payable towards the contract is a fixed sum of money. Once this contract comes into play, all the expenses for computer repair will be borne by the servicing company. Depending on the type of contract it is common to see a comprehensive contract that extends and covers both the parts as well as service man’s fee.

Thus, for a home user with a single computer or a business with more computers this type of service contracts are good both for the computer owner as well as the computer repair company in many ways.
But, wherever your computer is and when you are requesting for the visit of the service personnel to your own home, the computer repair cost charged towards the computer repair is usually higher than that charged for doing the repair at the service premises of the computer service man.  In countries like USA and UK, France etc the charges are a little higher depending on the locality and the nature of service required and the time required to set right your computer.

To avoid spending more money even for a smaller service like upgrading RAM or changing of hard drive etc, most of the times the manufacturing companies give very detailed instructions for doing the servicing by the users themselves. This helps in saving more money and the services of the repairman is needed only for complicated and complex repair jobs.

In the present days, the computer hardware systems are built in a robust manner and they are manufactured with very tough materials using the state of the art production facilities. Due to this it is very rare to see a hardware component failure. In case this happens it is a job for a trained computer professional. In many western countries there are many types of specialists who are well trained to offer hard ware related servicing jobs and there are other computer repair people who are well versed in rectifying software related problems.

Thus, the services of a computer repairman is one of the most essential ones in the modern times and you have to find the right person who is able to attend to both the hardware issues and the problems caused by a hitch in the software applications  that run your computer. The computer repair costs for running and maintaining a computer during its entire lifetime is very minimal and hence they become one of the most trusted yet affordable set of gadget in all our houses and businesses.


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