Computer Troubleshooting Tips And Tricks

The most frequent fault on desktop and laptop computers is with the hard drive. There are a few common hard drive faults which include overheating, bad sectors, a faulty motor, a faulty head, or dust inside the hard drive.

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The hard drive temperature can be checked with a UBCD4WIN using HDTune or simply with your fingers. If the hard drive is really hot and you can’t hold a finger on it for long it means that the hard drive must be replaced and the data taken out as soon as possible. Certain bad sectors can be fixed using hard drive capabilities to remap them. Use any hard disk data destruction software that will write to the disk zeros.

This is called blanking. If the hard drive has resources, it will mark bad sectors and the format disk surface will be good again.

Overheating components on the motherboard. Usually overheats the CPU, MOSFETS or North with South Bridges.

To prevent CPU overheating, clean the heatskink, remove it and apply a silver thermal paste. Make sure the fan on the heatsink is working. CPU overheating is a very frequent fault on desktops as well as on laptops. Symptoms crash or freeze after some use.

Laptop crashes are common when dust covers the heatsink and this can occur when laptops are placed on the bed. On desktops, very frequently crashes occur on the South Bridge and North Bridge when they are overheating. Depending on what can be done and what type of equipment you have, place the heatsinks small fans onto the computer to make it cooler. If the computer does not have any heatsinks, then heatsinks can be glued on the computer using special glue.

Virus infections. With severe virus infections, it is better to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system. Your goal is to know if the problem is a virus or a bad sector on the disk surface. Use GSmartControl for this purpose.

Motherboard fault. This fault is common on some models. Sometimes, this problem is not able to be fixed. Find an engineer who is able to do motherboard repairs. Useful information can be found here on who does computer motherboard repair correctly. Simple motherboard repairs like DC Jacks or capacitors with MOSFETS can be easily fixed by an engineer with the right qualifications or somebody with no qualifications, but with a lot of experience.

GPU faults are usually BGA faults. Symptoms such as a mosaic screen, no screen, no boot-up, no post, low resolution, a puzzle on the screen, a distorted screen, or low resolution. The best and only solution is to get reballing done. Make sure you tell this information to the company who will do this repair for you. Reflow does not hold more than six moths, so it is not worth it to spend money on reflow even if it is cheaper. This point was confirmed even by my repairs.

Ask them for a written confirmation for a reballing and for a one year warranty as well. Reflow does not hold for a long period of time. This point was confirmed with my MacBook Pro that had reflow done and then failed after only three months. Only after reballing did the Mac start to work again. And, what was discovered during the repair was that the copper pads had pieces of dust and dirt that was there during the manufacturing process. There is no way that reflow could have fixed this problem and of course it failed.

Broken screen. To fix a broken screen on your own is easy. Just take out the LCD screen , write down the model number and then buy it on eBay. If you buy a LCD screen for a Dell computer, then make sure it is the exact same model and version number you are looking for as Dell laptops are very picky and not every LCD screen works on them.

Slow performance with Vista or Windows 7. Upgrade the memory. Make sure this is not a hardware fault.

Windows 8. Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7 or customize the Windows 8 installation to use the interface from Windows 7.

If you have frequent problems with viruses and you are using a computer mainly for online work, then consider installing Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a version of Linux that is immune to any Windows virus. Ubuntu can read NTFS files, so almost all files from your Windows OS can be accessed with this operating system.


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