How to Clean Laptop Keyboard

It’s a better idea to clean our laptop keyboard often. Nevertheless, to avoid damaging it, there are few things we should keep in our mind when we are cleaning dust and particles, or mopping the keys.

The best way to clean a laptop keyboard is by using brush, some cleaning spray and a can of compressed air. 

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The Process

We may often use a vacuum to clean our laptop keyboard. We may use the little portable vacuums, with either the small toothbrush-size brush or the upholstery-cleaning attachment. This efficiently draws up all the crud from the keyboard. It’s really great to watch.

I use alcohol based window cleaner Windolene. There are a ton of other manufacturers of this cleaning stuff. Some of them will work better some of them are not that good. 

To clean the tops of the keys, we may use isopropyl alcohol. We need to soak it up into a soft and dust-free cloth, or utilize a cotton swab and softly wipe the key tops. We should not try to drip any alcohol inside the keyboard, and never utilize a spray cleaner directly on the keyboard.

Here is what I do. I spray this liquid on a paint  brush and then try to stick it a bit underneath the keys. Actually any brush will suit this job as far as it is not too hard. 

Applying some cleaning liquid to the brush.

And then moving it though the keyboard trying to stick a little underneath the keys. What this will do is to remove all hair and other stuff that is underneath the keys. 

Using compressed air to finish the cleaning

Many persons prefer to wipe the keyboard by utilizing a can of compressed air. This is never recommended, as the air may blow the crud in the keyboard further inside the laptop. Instead, we should utilize a vacuum.

Don’t forget to have the computer turned off when we do this.

There is a compressed air that comes in a standard cans similar to hair spray. The advantage of compressed air is that it blows out from the keyboard everything that has been left after cleaning with brush. 

In addition to wiping the keyboard regularly, we should also consider washing our hands now and then.

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