How To Build A Cheapest Gaming PC in 2019?

Okay, so we will be using some secondhand parts. We will also need to purchase them online on eBay, NewEgg or Amazon.

Processor Intel Xeon X3440. This processor is still very good and the performance matches the first generation i7 processor. It also can be overclocked.

Motherboard LGA1156 Motherboard for Xeon. Look for the motherboard on eBay. The motherboard in the video is a Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H.

CPU Cooler in the video is Soplay SP-290L. Around $10. You can find something similar on eBay.

DDR3 Ram 8GB 2X4GB.  Any memory would do. Although, I do recommend getting Samsung.

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Budget SSD OCZ TR200 240GB $30. 

Graphics card R9 280 or RX 470, the card in the video is MSI R9 280 3GB $48.

EVGA Power Supply 600W 80+ $15. B Stock (Check on Wednesday).

You will find cheap PC cases for sale on NewEgg, like this FMB X1 MATX Case $20. This case needs to be modded to fit the graphics card.

Other useful tips:

•    Use auction snipe tool like It will help you to get the price a bit lower.
•    Buy now prices on eBay are always higher, so bid on an auction item instead.
•    Also, the final price can depend on the day of the week, and if there any football, soccer, basketball championship. Usually, prices stay lover during those events.
•    Look for bargains in February, March or in summer. The real bargain prices are in the spring and during the summer holidays.
•    Amazon has some warehouse deals; they sell returned merchandise for very good prices and outstanding condition. 

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