Asus H97M-E board not powering on

The board worked fine for a year. Then it started to fail – clear RTC fixed it; but it started to fail booting and now it does not power on. LED on board lights on, but power switch does not get the CPU fan running.

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Asus H97M-E board not powering on
by: Superuser

If Asus motherboard does not boot


I know these Asus motherboards and they are a bit temperamental.
You need to disconnect everything from the motherboard and leave just the power cables and a cable to the monitor. Try this minimal configuration.

Try different memory modules.
Try reseating the processor.
The power supply needs to be checked that it gives the correct voltages.
Make sure no components on the motherboard are burnt.
Disconnect all cables, press and hold power button for a few seconds.
Remove the small flat battery and leave it for a few minutes.

If you get it working I recommend updating its BIOS.

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Open your ticket in Asus Laptop Support.

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