Simple Apple Computer Repair Technique

Before we hand our computer over to the repair specialist, we must understand that many Apple computers suffer from hard drive failures. The good thing is that fixing a hard drive failure is easily fixed by replacing the hard drive or zeroing it.

The Disk Utility tool is the first tool you should use if your Mac computer still boots up. Mac laptops and desktops have the same file structure which means the tools are similar. These tools differ only within the Mac OS file systems ,but you probably would even not even notice.

Disk Warrior is a very good software, but I recommend the smart reporter software instead.

Not just because the smart reporter is free, but because it is a very good software. The free version has some limited features, but what you get out of the free version is more than adequate.

The Smart reporter software will tell you when there is a problem with the hard drive itself. It will display a message within the program window in the color red when there is something wrong.

So, this is what is recommended to do in the first place if your computer does boot up.

The second step would be to use the same Disk Utility that we used already in the Mac OS. Use First Aid, including fix permissions, etc.

Although, hardware failures sometimes end up not booting the machine, we can try to reinstall the Mac OS. Hopefully, this reinstallation will help the computer to boot up again.

To do a reinstallation, it is very simple. Boot from the Mac OS disk and do a usual install, but do not format, erase, or create a partition. Instead, install over the existing installation.

The system restore will erase the previous installation, as well as erase all the data including your pictures, documents, etc. Be careful with this step as recovering data after a system restore is a hard task.

Target disk mode is another option to use in the case you have another working Mac computer. You would then need a FireWire cable to complete the Target disk mode.

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