93. Affordable Computer Repair in The UK

If you are looking for affordable computer repair, find an individual, or a very small company, who does this type of work. The top brand companies such as PC World or Currys will never offer a good price value on computer service for an individual.

High street prices  do no always guarantee a perfect repair. It also depends from the individual who will do the actual repair.

It is good to do as much research as possible and to dig through the Internet to find a local repair engineer, it is also effective to ask others for recommendations
I can recommend two computer repair specialists, both living in Birmingham, UK. The first recommendation has a business called PC Clinic which is based in Codsal, UK.

The repair engineer from PC Clinic also has business connections with a main PC Clinic company in Telford, allowing him to offer server support.

The other business that I would recommend is also in Birmingham, UK, specifically in Cocotec.

This business is a good computer repair company with the only drawback being, somewhat expensive hardware repairs. The reason I recommend such small companies is  because I know the engineers and the staff does not change.

You can also try your local computer repair shop. 
When choosing a local computer repair shop, the most important thing to look out for is reputation. The reason for this is because computers usually have sensitive information within, which only trustworthy individuals should handle and be privy to. 

It is very rare that somebody offers discounts on computer repair. Though a discount can be achieved if a monthly fee is paid or if several computers are fixed within a specific duration of time. Computer support offers are usually included in these monthly payments.

The other option that should be mentioned is DIY computer repair. Largely, this depends heavily on what is wrong with the computer in the first place. Some repairs, such as a hard drive replacement can be a subject within DIY computer repair. There are loads of guides on how to do hard drive replacement on laptops and desktops in your home, on your own. This site has a few articles about DIY computer repair as well.

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