Acer 5749 Laptop problem

by Himanshu


My laptop stops in middle of doing something. Sometime it starts doing chkdsk and sometime brings to black screen where it says, "no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key"

I have uploaded two photos.

Please see and let me know what could be the trouble.

Is there any trouble with hard drive (HDD) or something else?

What is the best way to find out if my HDD is in healthy condition or not?

Thank you.

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Hard drive diagnostics
by: Remus

this is definitely hard drive fault. Also can be the cable or the hard drive is simply loose. You can check is it loose or not by opening laptop's underneath cover.
we have on this site very useful information regarding hard drive health. It is here:

GSmartControl can be downloaded from here (just scroll down to see Windows OS):

From the images is hard to say what the problem is. If you still can use the laptop then install GSmartcontrol and see if there is any red lines in the report. If you can't use it anymore then please take the hard drive out and connect it to a working computer to check it with GSmartControl.

Acer 5749
by: Himanshu

Hi Remus,

Looking at the image, do you think there could be some other issue?

What else could be problem?

Acer 5749 Laptop problem
by: Remus

Could you please post here an image from GSmartControl and CPUz Hardware Monitor. Then I would suggest something. Now I have just not enough info.

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