Everything you need to know about Instagram TV

Instagram introduced its piece of video (vertical) pie as it is the mega-popular dedicated image-based social network. Instagram offers you multiple ways to stream the memorable moment of your life to your followers using Instagram stories, Instagram live and many more. But this time, Instagram comes with an alluring idea to stream your life i.e. IGTV which is the next generation of videos. Instagram TV is a standalone app and you can also access it inside your profile on Instagram.

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It offers to upload up to one-hour long video using vertical video format. It is ideal for binge-watching series like you watch on YouTube. If you are planning to kick off your journey on IGTV then you are at the right place because here we will discuss everything you need to know about the new phenomenon of Instagram, IGTV can lead to get massive amount of Instagram followers.

The basics: What is Instagram TV?

Instagram introduced its new feature when they celebrated their 1 billion user’s base. It is more similar to YouTube where you can share and view videos. The format of IGTV is same as you are using for Instagram stories but with some significant differences. Here you can upload long-form video content from 15 sec to up to 60 minutes and these videos won’t disappear after 24 hours like Instagram stories. You can access it either from the standard Instagram app or from Instagram TV app. On the standard Instagram app, you’ll see an orange icon as a TV icon in the top right of your screen. This icon will be highlighted that means there are some new videos for you. No matter which app you access to log into IGTV, when you open it then the video will start playing instantaneously based on your browsing preferences that Instagram algorithm knows. IGTV has a channel like traditional television and you can tune any channel which you like the most. You could create a video long-term series that is good for binge-watching sessions.

Facts about Instagram TV

•    Full-screen vertical videos
•    Video length: 15 sec to one hour but full one hour video is available for verified accounts or accounts with large following base. If users have not this account then they can upload up to 10 minutes video.
•    Users can access this app inside the Instagram app or on the Instagram TV app
•    When you open the IGTV app, the video starts automatically
•    “Swipe up” call-to-actions option on IGTV videos for creators.
•    There is some option for users within IGTV app such as continue watching, popular, following and for you.
•    Users can send these videos to their friend. They can also like and comment on IGTV videos.
•    Every creator have their own IGTV channel like YouTube
•    Users can upload video from the web or IGTV app
•    Users can also upload these videos to Facebook Watch
•    Maximum File size for IGTV videos: up to 3.6GB
•    File type for IGTV videos: .MP4
•    IGTV Video size: 9:16
•    IGTV Video thumbnail format: .JPG
•    Anyone can be a creator on IGTV app
•    No advertising or monetization options are available on IGTV app.

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