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Computer repair is one of the essential services now as computers are everywhere and you need right skills to do computer problem troubleshooting.

In the present days, most of the computer owners want to find a computer service center near by so that they can get good service and bring back their computers back to service easily.
You have many ways to find computer repair service i.e. by searching  in Google maps for “computer service near me” or “laptop repair near me”. You will get many computer repair service offers.

Consider this website as a vast storehouse of information about your computer and the problems you may be facing with them and how to do computer repair.

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Who can use this Website?

This website is meant for computer owners who took their screwdrivers to do computer repair by themselves and who want to know more about computer service and how to do it in the right way.

How to find the computer repair resource on this site?

This website is designed to make it easy for you to find all the required information on computer repair in an easy manner. Use the left menu bar to go to the right section of the website to reach our knowledge base the information about computer service and the technical information you should know about your computer. You also have some useful links at the bottom of this page and it will also lead you to know more about computer repair.

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Answer our questions and let us know what is wrong with your computer, so that your computer will be back to normal.

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Fill in the Form and ask us your question to know anything related to your computer and the way you can find computer repair solution for your computer or your laptop.

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Our computer repair online course has information you need to do your own computer repair. Here find all our content arranged as lessons. Start from the beginning and learn computer servicing or laptop repair at your own pace studying one lesson a day or one lesson a week as per your convenience.


Find our Review of the latest computers and laptops that are arriving in the market. This is the right place to know about the latest technologies used in the new computers introduced by popular brands. This will help you decide on the right computer to buy. Here you can also find comparisons of different computer models and our technical recommendations before purchasing your computer.


Get online help for computer repair

Find the information about your computer repair, in our Troubleshooting guide.  You will find the information and the required solution to set right your computer in an easy way. If you are not able to find the right solution for your computer repair here, you can post your computer or laptop repair problems under the section Tell Guru your Problem. Your query will be published in our online section and you can get help from our readers and get your problem solved easily.

What is the common fault on computers?

As a computer owner you may be depending on the normal operation of your computer for doing your day to day routine work. Sometimes your computer becomes the most critical equipment for your small business as you will be running your entire business through your computer or laptop. Like any other equipment, your computer may fail at any time due to a variety of reasons. In this circumstance knowing what can go wrong with its normal operation will help you in proper operation and use of your computer and keep away the unwanted things that are likely to cause a malfunction in your computer or laptop.

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Some of the most common things that can cause faults include:

  1. Hard drive failure
  2. Overheating Problems
  3. Faulty Screen Cables
  4. Virus Infections
  5. Water Spillage

Can the computer repair be performed at home?

The modern day computers and laptops have become more standardized in construction and operation and hence doing the computer repair like operating system re-installation or driver update at home is possible most of the time.

But if the computer repair you want to do involves disassembling the laptop it may be difficult for those who do not have any experience in this line of activity. You must be aware that Apple Macs are particularly difficult to repair at home. For instance if you want to replace the keyboard on a MacBook it  involves opening the laptop, taking out the logic board to reach the keyboard.

This may not be possible for an average computer user to do it at home and it is best to be left to computer repair professionals so that your laptop is brought back to normal use in a short period of time.

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Computer upgrades

Computers undergo changes often as more and more power and facilities are added on a continuous basis. So, to keep up with the pace you need to upgrade your computer. Some of the easy upgrades to your computer include:

  1. Hard Disk Drive replacement
  2. Memory upgrades
  3. Changing processors for additional and faster computing
  4. Operating system upgrade
  5. BIOS upgrade

In general, desktop computers are easier to upgrade because they provide easier access to most of the components. So, find the right place to do your computer repair and get back normal operation in easy way.

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We Sell Windows 10 Home and Pro 32/64 bit Factory Reset, Reinstall, and Restore USB Flash Drives For Laptops And Desktop Computers.

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