1. Troubleshooting Computer Problems

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There is an abundance of information regarding troubleshooting computer problems on this site. Get help on all your computer problems here.
Computers are very complex devices and the troubleshooting process is not an easy one. Sometimes, it can be difficult to troubleshoot computer problems and other times,  it is easy. How easy it is to troubleshoot computer problems depends on the technician’s experience. Troubleshooting computer problems tends to be easier when you know common computer problems. From my experience, if you know a lot about computers, you also know about their common faults. Sometimes the secret to troubleshooting computer problems is merely the recognition of that common fault. You must assume certain faults, without guessing, and then confirming that these assumptions are right or you must assume that the fault lies elsewhere.

There are several computer troubleshooting methodologies. One of these happens to be the General Troubleshooting Theory that is explained in a book centered on information about Mac computers.

There are many tools that can help in the troubleshooting process. Most of these tools are testing or diagnostic tools.

Some computer elements like the power supply unit require an element of special training and certification in order to repair. To enable computer power supply troubleshooting, it is not necessary to have a certification. I do not recommend opening the computer power supply, as even with a certification, there is a risk. If the computer power supply is faulty, the best thing to do is to dispose it.

Troubleshooting computer hardware problem are covered in many books. I personally follow Apple’s General Troubleshooting Theory which is described in a book entitled Desktop and Portable Systems. Depending on the situation, I simply just look for common faults on that specific computer model.

Computer network troubleshooting is also a part of the computer troubleshooting process as a whole. It is more common for company environments to use this method, and actually less complicated to do this method at home. Company’s networks usually have many various sized servers. In regards to servers, there are specific certifications specific just to servers. Home networks usually have just one router which makes troubleshooting easy.

There is a separate section on this site describing computer troubleshooting tips. There is lot of information that I have gathered from my experiences working as a computer technician. Also, on this site, I have included all the info I have received in both training and as consultation from other engineers working in the IT industry.

There is also a separate description detailing computer monitor troubleshooting. It is not always necessary to repair the monitor, even if it has a major fault. Very often, the old monitor goes to the disposal and we buy a new one even if we don’t have to. 

The way to diagnose computer problems from my experience is concentrated on the hard drive and operating system. The important thing is to distinguish virus infections from hard drive surface defects. Very often, both of these faults show the same symptoms such as the computer being slow, doing what it is not supposed to do, crashing, freezing, etc.

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