117. How To Speed Up Computer

This is for computers using Vista. This might sound too radical, but you need to uninstall Vista and replace it with XP, Windows 7, or with Windows 8. While Windows XP is still a very good operating system, no matter its age, it is at least older than ten years. Vista demands a lot of computing power and loads heavily on all the hardware. What is done with Vista is a bit of a mystery for me. It’s known that Windows 7 is almost the same as Vista but somehow more optimized.

An important element on computers that influence the system speed is properly functioning hardware. If you have an older system, it needs to be checked for its hardware PSU, you must have all the heatsinks cleaned, as well as the heatsink paste applied, the hard drive diagnosed, the motherboard checked for overheating elements, and also the motherboard checked for faulty capacitors.
The fastest motherboards that I have seen are on desktop computers such as the HP, Dell, Asus, or the Acer. Good motherboard manufacturers include the Gigabyte, Intel, and the DFI.

A visual motherboard check also can reveal why a computer is slow. The common computer problems are described in this article here. Older motherboards will work a little bit slower, even with a new operating system.

An Antivirus will definitely slow the computer down a bit. The only antivirus that does not affect the system speed is Avira. Norton, Avast, and McAfee will noticeably slow computer speed. You can get Avira by clicking the banner below.

The computer can be used without any antivirus programs, but make sure to protect the system in other ways.

The very important factor when dealing with computer speed is the amount of memory (RAM) the computer has. The  more memory the computer has, the faster the computer will work, and also the less load that the hard drive will get. This is true for all computers in the market such as Macs, PCs, as well as for all operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

The more expensive the system is, the faster it will work. When manufacturers try to lover the price, they compromise by using slower components, cheaper parts, or over clocking cheaper components to work at higher speeds.
Components that are recommended tend to have passive or active cooling and are left without it. The result is that the performance decreases and the system speed and stability decrease as well.

If you look at the motherboard, you will see a North Bridge or South Bridge that is left without passive or active cooling.

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