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Sony Vaio doesn't boot 
Laptop Sony Vaio VGN-C1Z After pressing start button this happens: CD drive on: I hear its noise Hard disk on: only rotate, no heads moving noise …

Laptop EMF Causing Skin Rash 
My Lenovo v570 seems to be causing skin rashes. do you have suggestion for new low emission unit? and or monitor, as I use the laptop under desk hooked …

DVD Rom Not Recognized on Dell Desktop 
My Dell desktop does not recognize my DVD ROM, what could the problem be.

Powering up desktop 
My computer will not power up with the switch unless I unplug it and the green light goes out on the back of the power supply. Then I have to unplug the …

Wireless antenna replacement on Dell Inspiron 15 5559 
I am looking to replace my WLAN antenna cables on my Dell Inspiron 15 5559 laptop . I need a good source to purchase the cables from and also need a tutorial …

Can not login 
When I turn my computer on I get to the log in screen complete with date and time but no log in details so I cannot go any further although the cursor …

Screen goes black after using touch (Acer R15) 
Hi; Each time after removing my finger from the screen (using Touch), the screen goes completely black. It comes right back after I touch it again but …

Vertical lines on Acer all in one 
New acer all in one. Twice I have gotten vertical lines of different colors all across my screen and the only way to get rid of them is to unplug the unit. …

Image distortion on the screen 
Image reduced both sides of the screen. The image is squeezed and distorted.

Acer Aspire E5 Laptop Win 10 OS will not start 
I got a blue screen with a sideways smiley face and a message that said something about a kernel problem....Then it says "don't worry, we'll restart it …

IDM suddenly started downloading only MKV format 
I was using IDM with Chrome but has Opera too installed. Yesterday I searched and downloaded 4K video clips sample from YouTube. Thereafter, IDM is trying …

Laptop keeps crashing 
I have been putting off as the laptop isn't mine, I borrowed it off a friend and the drives needed to be updated i was playing a truck sim the day before …

Sony vaio laptop very old model takes several tries to power up 
It takes several tries to power up, sometimes also audio volume control is inconsistant (fn f3 f4) buttons don't always respond.

Here is a laptop with no DVD. How to add 2nd HDD 
Hi, I have a HP laptop ac126la, which does not have a DVD drive, but when I opened i saw there is the jumper at the MB to connect the optical drive, so …

Weird keyboard 
When I type a reply, the computer will type TO when I try to type my name Kim. Now in a different screen, I am trying to type the word Let and the computer …

Every time i watch movie on KODI this msg comes "unexpected_store_exception" n it restart, what should i do?

Cursor is not moving 
Hello my name is Hope my computer cursor is not moving. can you help

Laptop charging but not booting and displaying ...

Can't Print With Acer Aspire Laptop On Wireless HP Printer 
Acer Aspire, v3-572p-326t can not connect wirelessly to my hp printer. The issue just started. Have tried restarting both devices several times. Get "printer …

Start up Button Fails 
I push on the start up button of the desktop. The light comes on, the screen starts moving, the computer makes noises but the system does not come on. …

Acer netbook N15V2 charging port  
Acer netbook N15V2 Charging port was removed for whatever reason. Now I'm left with 5 wires. How the hell can I make this work? I have chargers of …

Faulty keyboard 
In my laptop keyboard is not working. It's like if I press it with extra force key m comes and it keeps on repeating like..lots of mmmmmmmmm come.. i don't …

New desktop computer starts and shuts down over time. 
I have a new desktop computer. Today I started it and connected my monitor to it. The monitor did not show anything. When I loosened the wire of display …

Keyboard On Acer Laptop Swift Does not Work Properly 
My keyboard is disturbed! It is stuck in a mode where i cannot use the numbers or some punctuation marks and many items become highlighted at once. …

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Acer Aspire 5733 keeps shutting down 
Acer Aspire 5733 The computer keeps shutting itself down and the cooling fan is not working.

Starting up, no picture just a light blinking 
My system has only a flashing yellow light when I turned it on. Monitor says no signal. I can only get the flashing light to stop if I unplug the system. …

Laptop fails to boot to OS 
My laptop is Lenovo g580 it cannot restart after update to win 8.1. Please give a solution

Slow VAIO laptop 
I think its because i didn't turn it off properly or maybe not and now my laptop is having trouble turning on. Well basically it can turn on it's just …

I am only hearing sound when I have earphones plugged in 
I can not hear sound when I play a video or audio file unless I have my earphones plugged in. How can I play sound through my laptop speakers?

Gaming computer turning off 
I have a gaming computer evga motherboard, intel processor, radeon graphics card. Turn it on goes to boot menu then red light goes on next to CPU fan plug …

ACER Laptop 
My acer laptop will not respond, it shuts off byitself, I try to go to Cortana for help but cannot type anything also it says my drivers are not up to …

Reset password-Case ID 4593631U

Pen drive problem 
I am using windows xP my system pen-drive not accessible.

hard copy 
Please, I want to know if your have the hard copy of all the topics discuss on this your web page. I need it. And How do I contact you?

Media test failure 
Media test failure, check cable no bootable device---insert boot disk and press any key ? Help

Computer monitor shows no signal 
Connecting the monitor to computer. Monitor shows no signal. What does that mean?

Not working mouse 
The mouse was not working so using the touch pad.Got new batteries for the mouse. Still not working and now the touch pad doesn't work either. The arrow …

Laptop memory problems (Hard Drive) 
Hi there I have a Dell laptop - I also have an external drive on which I save everything yet the memory on my laptop seems to be diminishing gradually …

I have got a msi motherboard 4pin on board conector problem 
Hi guys I have got a m3 Asus Motherboard. My PC just stopped booting nothing on the screen I removed the ATX 4 pin power connector cable from the …

Can't open My Documents folder 
My Inspiron 1525 is not opening "My Computer" or "My Documents" etc. However if it brings the screen up and you try opening a folder in My Documents, the …

My laptop has been hard to start for a few days, kept wanting a disc to reboot. I didn't have one. Anyway, now I have nothing, only a light to indicate …

Laptop is an Acer explore beyond limits windows 10 stuck 
When I turn my laptop on it goes to the start up page then nothing it just repeats the start up page over and over please help.

Unknown problem 
When i start my laptop, it starts slowly. After running long time, if I don't operate it, the laptop stops automatically. After that, if I want to start …

Confused keyboard 
The alt numerals on the keyboard seem disorganized e.g when you press shift2 it gives you" instead of @ and vice versa. The problem is I am unable to locate …

Random Zoom in Word. 
When I am typing text in email reply or Word program I find the font is zooming from 100% up and down randomly. I constantly have to reset to 100%. Could …

Blank emails in AOL 
New mail on AOL blank for date, address, and subject. After a reboot old and saved mail goes blank.

DC Jack burnt motherboard 
Hello, the DC jack on my laptop burnt the copper sleeve on my motherboard and can't make a connection. I read the repair under #48 and had a few questions. …

USB port issues on Acer Aspire Z, Number Z!-621 
Two of the installed female USB ports appear to be inoperative. What has happened ? How do they get fixed ?. My computer is an Acer Aspire …

Acer 5749 Laptop problem 
Hi, My laptop stops in middle of doing something. Sometime it starts doing chkdsk and sometime brings to black screen where it says, "no bootable device …

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User Profile Service failed the logon 
I have an Acer Computer. With windows Vista Premium. For some reason everytime i try to login to my user profile it comes up with the message (User Profile …

My Acer laptop comes on fine, but then does not respond to any actions. 
I can switch my laptop on and open up to the desktop page. All the icons I had at the bottom of the page such as internet explorer and windows live …

Acer One 10 keyboard 
I have an Acer One 10. It's been working fine until now. I was on with Microsoft Help the other day (for THREE hours) for another issue and my keyboard …

Stuck update 
Was doing updates on my Acer computer upstairs, updates went in then I had to restart the computer, but what happened next was I got this message on the …

Battery problem Acer Aspire 5738G 
Showing on screen - computer fully charged. Consider replacing your battery. There is a problem - consider replacing your battery - computer may shut …

HP Laptop shutting down 
I have an HP laptop computer and recently it has been shutting down right in the middle of being online or on Word. The battery is up when this happens. …

Powering Acer up. 
When I switch on my Acer PC (8months old!) the power comes on for two seconds and then Zilch!

Can't Open Computer 
Turned on computer, message said windows updating. ...later message......we couldn't complete the updates undoing changes....this has been on for over …

Problems with some of the keys in the keyboard 
I'm using Sony vaio laptop and there some keys which are not working. Whether that should be replaced or is there some other problem with the laptop.

HDD showing intermittent faults in HD Tune. 
HDD showing intermittent faults in HD Tune.

Formatting HDD with Windows 7 Pro disk Charles 
Bought a new desktop hard drive. It has Cent OS 6.4 on it. I have no login info and I want to format it with Win 7 Pro. How do I use this OS to reformat? …

Inspiron 1525 shutting down every 20 minutes 
My laptop Dell Inspiron 1525 is shutting down while using for every 20min .I try to diagnosed it but it was not successfully completed due to this problem. …

No buttons at the bottom of the screen in acer notebook  
In word pad when you click "save" or "save as" the screen does not show the buttons at the bottom or just a sliver. It is impossible to click on the button …

Dell 1920f monitor. No signal  
Dell 1920f LCD monitor display comes tells no signal... when we connect to desktop it will come blank screen. Desktop part is OK display comes on in …

After Updating Mavericks, my windows 7 won't let me logon, When I touch the keyboard it goes black. 
About a month ago, Mavericks had an automatic update. I have a Windows 7 partition bootcamped on my macbook pro. Before the update, everything was fine. …

Bluetooth message 
This message keeps popping up on my computer: Bluetooth LE Services Control Protocol has encountered a problem and needs to close message.

VGA fix on a laptop 
How to fix onboard VGA on AMD processor laptop

Acer E1 571 6680 
Power up get Acer logo boot screen. All led working. Hard drive sounds like it's functioning. Black screen with functioning mouse pointer, nothing else. …

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