Computer Repair Cost Explained

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Costs of computer repair can greatly vary depending on what the fault is. For example, if the hard drive is faulty, in order to recover the data and conduct a hard drive replacement, reinstallation costs would be similar to about 100 USD. If the hard drive in the computer failed mechanically, and something needs to be replaced in the hard drive then the cost rises significantly. Most of the cost amount is allotted to recover hard drive data.

If this is the server, data recovery cost would increase about 5 times or more.
There is also a big difference when repairing a desktop computer or a laptop computer. Regarding laptop repair, the cost is always higher. For example, if the motherboard needs to be replaced in a laptop, the motherboard cost can be upwards from $40 to $400. Apple laptops are always very expensive to repair because the parts always cost more.
Simple desktop computers for the office are cheap and easy to repair. There are  also cheap motherboard options available.
Gaming desktops is another segment altogether. Motherboards as well as graphics cards are generally expensive.

Another issue that can arise on a desktop computer is the power supply unit or PSU failing. Depending on what happened to the PSU, it can be damaged by the motherboard or even by the hard drive. Sometimes, if the PSU fails, then the hard drive fails or gets damaged. To replace the PSU, it can run you around 100. 

There are frequent BGA related issues that to fix can cost from 80 to 200.

For Mac systems this  cost would be even higher. Apple offers a extended warranty for laptops due to this fault. Double check online  to see if  your Mac qualifies for a free repair.  Other times, Mac laptops fail again after motherboard replacement.

In this situation, it's probably worth trying reballing. There are companies that do this service, just ask for a recommendation in your area.

Laptop screen replacement is also where it might cost you some money. Depending on the model, it can cost from 60 to 150. Mac screen replacement will also tend to cost more. But, simple data recovery from the computer shouldn’t cost a lot. If the hard drive needs to be opened in order to recover the data, the cost will be 5 times more.

Server repair is under a very different price bracket. The data recovery from servers can cost thousands.

Usually, with servers comes qualified personal. The hardware replacement and simple data recovery probably will not cost 500, but the data recovery definitely will be into the thousands. Really, it is because servers have their hard drives connected to RAID arrays

and to recover data from such an array is always a challenge because the data is divided by all hard drives. 


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