51. Computer Repair Books

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There are a lot of books pertaining to computer repair. Certain books, such as CompTia A+ certification, are a great way to start.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a printed book that covers all the material needed for computer repair, especially about electronics. The CompTia A+ book is good for the beginning stages of computer repair, but does not cover electronics. There is no mention in the book about capacitor replacement, or anything about hard drive diagnostics. The book is available on Amazon.

Another interesting book about computer repair is distributed by the company Intersoft, from India. This book covers only electronics troubleshooting on laptops, and has a common fault list of some laptop models. The website is http://intersoftelectronics.com

For example, this is small excerpt from this specific e-book:
1. Check whether the MAX 1999/8734 20 PIN has 19V input.
2. Check whether the chip’s first 6 PIN SHDN has high 5V. When the pin is low, the MAX8734/1999 will shut down and stop working.

Although their website has changed recently, so it  is difficult to find this e-book and may take some effort.

This is an e-book that does cost some money, but if you are familiar with electronics, then this is the book to buy.

I would also suggest a website that is helpful and in the Russian language. On this site, there is a lot of useful information pertaining to desktop computer motherboard repair. The site, www.rom.by  focuses only on electronics and desktop motherboard component level troubleshooting and repair. In fact, there are published basics on this site as to how the motherboards work, as well as a few common fault descriptions.

There is also a community which discusses desktop motherboard repair. I have found there is useful information on how to build tools necessary in order to replace motherboard components.

There is also another informative book called, Desktop and Portable Systems, which pertains to Apple computers.

This book does not go into electronics, but does have a lot of interesting and valuable information about Mac computers and Mac diagnostics. The book also describes and explains General Troubleshooting Theory, which I have found interesting and practical. Although, this book does not cover servers or anything that is related to electronics diagnostics.

I personally recommend the book, Electronics for Dummies. As you already know, computers are electronics devices, and this book will be a good start to understanding electronics.

Mac OS X Support Essentials is a book I consider if we start covering the Mac support business. This book covers as well as goes into depth about the Mac OS operating system and describes ways to troubleshoot the systems. It also describes all the basics that are necessary to know regarding computer networks. With the focused and skillful writing style, the book is very interesting to read.


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