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Depending on the computer repair procedures needed, the processes will vary.
The vast majority of faults on all computers will be related directly or indirectly to the hard drive, PSU, or the motherboard. Software conflicts are very rare. Virus infections are most likely to occur for the inexperienced computer user. Virus infections are somewhat easy to fix and if the virus is very deep in the system, you can reinstall and the problem will definitely be cured.

Hard drive failures almost always result in a hard drive replacement or a reinstall of the OS. There are methods to fix hard drive faults but the fixes are only temporary and nobody knows when the hard drive will fail permanently.
The second place to watch for problems is on the motherboard. This motherboard has many electronic elements that fail at relatively high rates. Usually, the motherboards  fails because of certain design mistakes such as capacitors being placed in a hot area near the CPU or when there are faulty components.

The most expensive component in a laptop is the motherboard. Depending on what is wrong with the motherboard, it can be a easy fix such as the DC Jack or an expensive fix such as a BGA re-balling.

The MOSFET, capacitor, and RAM can all be fixed. But, water damage is not always fixable, especially when components have already started to corrode.
There are a lot of guides available out there, but most of them do not cover the electronics side of computer repair and just cover a module or part replacement level.
If you have decided to go into the computer repair business, then you will need some diagnostic and repair equipment. Basically, almost all repair equipment will be electronic repair tools such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, soldering stations, etc.
The most common fault on a laptop will be the hard drive, DC Jack, virus infections, RAM, BGA, capacitors, and MOSFETs. On desktop computers, the hard drive, capacitors, RAM , PSU, and sometimes the BGA, the CPU, and MOSFETs.

Sometimes, a hard drive failure will look like a virus infection. If somebody diagnoses the fault without any diagnostic procedures, then they will probably be wrong.
RAM faults can also be interpreted as virus infections.
The best virus infections removing tool is Malware Bytes.
For DC Jack de-soldering, the best tool to use is the Hakko 808 de-soldering gun. This gun can also be used to solder the components together in the motherboard.

The best solution for virus repair is a complete reinstall.

It is important to distinguish between hard disk faults and a virus infection. Very often these problems have similar symptoms.

System restore disks or a system restore from the hard drive will always destroy or delete all the data on the computer. Make sure you back up your data before proceeding.

System restore disks can be obtained from a laptop or desktop computer manufacturer. Also, these disks can be bought from a third party such as an online retailer.

Very often, laptops and desktop computers need just a proper cleaning. Make sure you do this cleaning before looking for any help from technicians.

Use a computer repair shop that has a good reputation. This is very important because there is always sensible information on a computer. It is important to give your computer to somebody who knows what they are doing.

If you need any replacement parts for your computer or laptop model, use eBay as your source. For old laptops and for newer ones, there is always a large supply of parts.

Online forums are a good place to get help. Type your problem into the search engine and in the + word forum and you will get the best information available.

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