25. Computer Maintenance and Repair

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Memory. To take advantage of a dual channel memory on desktop computers, make sure both or all four modules are the same amount, speed, and from the same manufacturer. Ideally, the module PCB topology should be all the same.

What I mean by the topology is when you take the module and look at it, there is a picture of tracks. If the picture of tracks is the same, and the marking on the chips is the same, then it is a perfect match for utilizing a dual channel. This means a faster system.

CPU cooling system. The most advanced gaming systems use even water cooling. The thermal compound should be replaced with the latest one that is available. It is important to clean the heatsink as well.

Monitor CPU temperature. With a CPU ID Hardware Monitor, if the Max temperature exceeds 70 degree Celsius then you must recheck the cooling system.

Pay attention to the fact that the AMD CPU is properly cooled and not overheating, as these CPUs are usually hotter than Intel’s and are not so intelligent as to protect themselves.

Do a complete Windows reinstall. After a fresh install Windows, the computer should always work faster.

Do a complete computer system diagnostic. There is a lot of information about this on this site. If you have an oscilloscope or if can get one for a few days, check the step down converters, the PSU, and everything on the motherboard where there is stabilized voltage. Detailed instructions are also available on this site.

Test system with a bench mark test. A good system that has good working hardware should show results typical for that CPU model.  Motherboards form different manufacturers probably will not differ too much in their results.

Look at the PSU (Power Supply Unit). The PSU is strong enough to power the system. If you upgraded the graphics card or even equipped the system with two graphics cards, chances are that the power supply will not have enough power for the system.

A new power supply with 700 W or even 900 W would definitely do a good job. The two parts that drive the most power in the system is the CPU and the graphics card.

Certain motherboards from Acer and Asus suffer from typical faults such as weak MOSFETs or not properly soldered in MOSFETs. Double check their temperature if possible.  You can do this even with a finger, just remember not to hold it on the MOSFET for long because they can be extremely hot.

Just a quick touch will indicate to you its temperature.

Water cooling systems do not require maintenance at all. Just watch that there are no wet parts on the tubes or in the heatsink.

If the graphics card is not strong enough, replace it with a new one.

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