The computer problems guru can help you diagnose, understand, and fix any issues you may encounter with your system. You may think you know everything about working on your computer but new problems can arise anytime. Think about how far technology has come in the last decade! Each updated version comes with new software and electronics. Although the fundamentals may be the same, targeting and fixing new problems is ongoing. When you learn how to fix things on your own, it is very exciting and rewarding to find mistakes and correct them without any assistance!


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This purpose of this site is to cover both PC type computers: Microsoft (Windows) and Apple (Macintosh) computers. Both of the systems are very similar and some Intel diagnostic tools can work on both Windows and Macs. The most difficult part in computer troubleshooting is finding the flaw and very often errors exist in more than one place. Therefore, it may take a little more time to locate, diagnose, and fix them.

There are two basic components of any computer: the hardware and the electronics. 

The electronics part of any computer is the foundation of the entire system, so improving your understanding of how things work is fundamental. There is no limit to improving your present knowledge whatsoever. The best training available for understanding electronics is by taking university courses or other special courses organized by various companies. However, you can also get priceless information from this site, composed by an engineer who is willing to share his experience!

Computer hardware is often times not covered in enough detail by manuals alone and system diagnostic tools are limited in what they can do to determine some issues. However, fixing any problem is dependent on your ability to diagnose the flaw. Almost everybody can replace a defective part or reinstall an operating system. (OS). Pinpointing a faulty element on the motherboard is not for everyone though. Apple does include some General Troubleshooting to help correct any obstacles you may encounter, but it does not cover electronics at all. Faulty hardware parts can be sent back to a company or replaced, but electronics are a bit more complicated and therefore harder to diagnose.

The electronics side of this site will show illustrations, diagrams, oscillograms, and other helpful images. This will help you identify problems more quickly.

To understand how computer systems work, it comes in handy to have an electronics background and some IT experience. The basic concept of this site is to give you a blend of electronics and IT. My background work in the computer service industry gave me the idea to blend both sides of computer configuration. After spending many years working in the service industry, all the experience crystallized into a troubleshooting manual I could post online.

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