Here, I try to help you understand and fix desktop and laptop computers.

Is this just another site about computers?

Well, yes and no. Of course there is a lot of information about computer repair here, but I have decided to make it a database that can give you an answer to your computer problems. If you go to the left and click Computer Troubleshooting Guide you will see what I mean.

Who is this site for?

Anybody who has ever had a screwdriver in their hand will understand almost all the information on this site. Most software related faults will not need any special tools.


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How to navigate

This site has a simple navigation with a menu on the left-hand side, some links at the bottom and a comment section. If you’re browsing this site on a phone then the site menu will be located at the bottom.

What are those links on the left?

Computer Troubleshooting Guide will ask you questions and try to decide what is wrong with your computer. You can think of it as software that has a database and tries to make a decision by asking you questions.

Tell Guru Your Problem. This will take you to a submission form where you can ask me a question. This is the place to go if you can’t find any answers.

Repair User Guide. This is the site index. It has links to articles that are published on this site.

Search. This will take you to a search engine that will search for content on this site.

Repair Course Online. All content is divided into lessons here. You can start from the beginning and then read one lesson per day or one lesson per week. The good thing is that you will know where you finished because all lessons are numbered.

Reviews. This will take you to a reviews page.

If you came here with a computer related trouble I recommend checking the Computer Troubleshooting Guide. If there is no solution for your problem then please write me a message by using Tell Guru Your Problem. Your message will be published online so others can also help you.

If you are here looking for how to learn computer repair I recommend checking the Repair User Guide and Repair Course Online.

What is the common fault on computers?

What can happen to a computer depends on a vast variety of factors. What can most likely happen to it? Hard drive failure, overheating problems, faulty screen cables, virus infections and water spillage, to name a few.

Can the repair be performed at home?

With some repairs, definitely yes - for example, operating system reinstallation or driver update.

Other fixes that involve opening the computer can be difficult. Apple Macs are especially difficult to repair. For example, it is a difficult task to replace a keyboard on a MacBook. This is because you need to open the laptop, take out the logic board and then take out the keyboard. However, what is positive about MacBooks is that they frequently survive water spillages and all you need to do is replace the keyboard.

What about upgrades?

Here is what can be easily upgraded: hard disk drive, memory, processor (on a desktop computer), and anything that is related to a computer’s firmware, for example a laptop or desktop computer BIOS.

In general, desktop computers are easier to upgrade because they provide easier access to most of the components.

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